My computer does not load the game or stays on the home screen

This is due to three possible factors: that your browser is outdated, that your computer cannot load heavy graphics or a poor internet connection. As an alternative, you can watch the video.


Which browser is better to play?

We recommend Google Chrome in its latest update.


How can I play?

Click on the screen with the mouse pointer, once it disappears you can move with the keyboard arrows. The mouse is used to see your surroundings, press the esc key to click on buttons.


I can't press the buttons of artists, text and map

Press esc on your keyboard and you will see the mouse pointer to be able to click on artists, text and map


The character does not move

Click on the screen, once the mouse cursor disappears you can move with the keyboard arrows or with the w, s, a, d.


My mouse goes crazy when I walk

The sensitivity of the mouse can vary depending on your personal configuration.

You can try to release the mouse from time to time and walk with arrows.


Can I play with a mobile phone or tablet?

It's not possible. The video game uses webgl technology and is designed to be played through a computer, as an alternative you can see the video of the exhibition.